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€6.79 €11.32
  • Yra sandėlyje
  • r570

  • Elemento Tipas: Auskarai
  • Auskarai Tipas: Lašas Auskarai
  • Medžiaga: Crystal
  • Lytis: MOTERIS
  • Modelio Numeris: korėjos lašas auskarai
  • Metalų Tipas: cinko Lydinys
  • Stilius: Madinga
  • Formos\modelis: ROUND
  • Bauda ar Mados: Mados

Grim Aka Dimas
Of the pluses: The stone glitters very beautifully, the earrings are not heavy, the urine does not stretch. But I do not advise anyone to buy! The stone is glued just terrible, the slits are huge, looks inaccurate! 1000 rubles these earrings are not worth it! I opened a dispute, I got half back. I did not send back, because there is no free return and it would not be profitable, but I will not wear them. I do not advise this seller.

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